The Largest Thing You Whip Out At The End Of A Date

Shouldn't Be Your WALLET.

Don't Be That Guy

Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Regent by XOIR

WE believe so much in the quality of our manufacturing that we have added a Limited LIFETIME manufacturer defect warranty to the Regent Wallet!  Shop with CONFIDENCE!   Make the Regent the LAST wallet you ever purchase!

*review refund policy for eligibility.

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Leading the way in the 2019 Minimalist Wallet Category.

Today's minimalist wallets often miss on the aesthetic of the wallet itself.  

Wallets can be minimal while maintaining function and style.  You have to strive for that sweet spot.  Not too big and not too small.

I don't want all of my credit cards smashed up against each other and inevitably wearing out the magnetic strips.  I want them to have their own protected pockets.

I don't want to have to fold up my cash into a tiny square to cram it into that tiny sleeve meant more for a guitar pick than a wad of 100's.   I want a money clip that keeps it clean and in view.

I don't want to have loose change clanging away in my pockets.  I want a nice little coin pocket for not just coins but those guitar picks I mentioned earlier. 

Stop wasting your time hunting around for that perfect wallet and realize that its right in front of you.   The Regent By XOIR.  

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Using coupon code "FREECLIP" at checkout, you will receive this limited edition Rambler Elite stainless steel money clip with bottle opener!  Don't wait too long as supplies are limited!  Get your free money clip with your Regent wallet TODAY!



For a short time every order of the Regent wallet will also receive a complimentary tin of our Organic Leather Balm.   Keep your XOIR wallet looking like new for years to come!   With all organic ingredients and specially selected essential oils, this balm is one of our favorites!


Helping to Educate Communities on Mental Health.

A portion of the profits from sales of The Regent by XOIR will be donated to assist in the creation of Mental Health Aware Communities and Groups in West Michigan.  

Not only will you be dramatically upgrading your wallet game, but you will also be providing support to the many who suffer needlessly with mental illness.  Donated monies will help to build more educated and supportive communities and groups in the West Michigan area.  Giving those with mental health issues the best opportunity to over-come their illness while better educating the community on mental health.

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Be Confident.

With superior hand stitched seams and construction the Regent by XOIR will protect your valuables for years to come!  We make sure that your wallet will age as well as you do!

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Impress Her With The Details

Like a finely appointed sports car the Regent by XOIR incorporates a sleek money clip for managing your cash.  Keep that cash on display so you know exactly where you stand.

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Keep only the cards you need and none of the junk you do NOT.  Keep your cards safe and secure in minimalist card sleeves designed for quick access and protection.   Stop wearing out your cards by piggy backing them on each other.   You are better than that!

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Don't leave your credit card information vulnerable to RFID hacking.   These wallets provide full RFID blocking to keep your information SAFE.

Click below to learn more about how XOIR can protect you from RFID Scammers.  

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