RFID Protection. Is it really that important?

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There have been a number of articles written over the last few years regarding the protection provided by RFID shielding wallets.  Some claim that the technology to protect us from evil doers trying to snatch up our information isn't all that important while others claim its important to make sure you are ALWAYS protecting your cards from those trying to sneak away our precious credit card account details.

What is RFID?

First let's discuss what RFID really is.   RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves.   RFID requires that its opposing label or product (in our case credit cards) are BROADCASTING information.  RFID readable tags contain an integrated circuit and antenna system that is used by RFID readers to pick up a broadcast.

How can you determine if your card has an RFID chip?  

IF you can use your card by waving it by a machine and NOT making contact it likely has an RFID antenna and broadcasts its information.   Express Pay,  PayPass,  PayWave to name a few will have imbedded RFID chips.  While many cards DO NOT have this technology built into them it is ALWAYS important to protect yourself from those trying to steal your precious information.   

How hard it is to take your information using an RFID reader?

In a nutshell...  NOT HARD AT ALL!  With cheap components easily purchased on-line a sinister individual could easily sweep up our details by just coming within a few feet of you.   Think about all of the times your wallet has come within a few feet of someone while walking through a store?   BOOM they now have enough credit card details from your wallet to make purchases on their own.   Most of these individuals also have setup that allow them to create their own look alike cards that they will either use themselves or sell to those looking for hacked credit card data.  

Does XOIR protect me from RFID scammers?

The Regent by XOIR has multiple RFID protections built into its design.  ALL of your credit card information will be secure from any RFID scammer trying to sneak off with your precious data.  You can be confident that while using the Regent by XOIR you will be 100% protected.  


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