About Us

A collaborative leather wallet and accessory company,  XOIR is all about creating relationships with fellow manufacturers and boutique fashion brands in order to create a family of like minded entrepreneurs in search of one thing...   BEING THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO!

At XOIR we also strive to be able to support the community that surrounds us, and for that matter we will be reaching out directly to advocacy groups in and around West Michigan to make sure we are improving the community that supports us.   We will be picking multiple organizations that we feel align with our belief in the need for better mental health awareness. 

At XOIR we pride ourselves on quality minimalist wallet designs using quality materials and manufacturing.  Customer service is our priority and our customer relationships are of the greatest importance.   Always purchase with confidence. 

XOIR is located in the great state of Michigan and all inventory is shipped from within the USA.  We work closely with our manufacturers and our customers to make sure that XOIR wallets continuously provide great design and function.